13 highlights of the Halloween season

For European and American societies, Halloween has become an annual fun festival for children and adults.

International stars celebrate Halloween

13 highlights of the Halloween season

Everywhere celebrates Halloween

According to Irish legend, `Jack-o-lanterns` came from a man named Jack.

In return for saving his life, the devil promised Jack that he would not take Jack’s soul back to Hell.

Perhaps that is why the Jack O’ lantern or pumpkin is the most famous symbol of the Halloween festival.

13 highlights of the Halloween season

A typical symbol of the Halloween festival season

In addition to pumpkin lanterns, there are many other symbols related to this exciting holiday season.

1. Jack O’ lantern or pumpkin is the most famous symbol of Halloween festival.

2. The image of a skull, according to Catholic tradition, is meant as a reminder of death and the instability of human life, since then, skulls have become a common image during Halloween.

3. Bats remind us of vampires, a typical creature of ghost festivals.

4. Orange (symbol of strength) and black (symbol of death) are the two main colors at Halloween.

5. Witches are believed to have supernatural powers, have a relationship with the devil, represent dark forces and have the strongest abilities on Halloween.

13 highlights of the Halloween season

Halloween Witch

6. Zombies, or the Walking Dead, are protagonists of the horror film industry and the embodiment of zombie culture originating in Haiti.

7. Black cats have been considered a `symbol` of bad luck since the Middle Ages and are often decorated on Halloween.

8. Owls are a popular image during Halloween.

9. Halloween has traditional dishes with unique meanings such as candy apples, soul cakes, pumpkin soup, Barnbrack, Colcannon…

10. At festivals, people always see burning bonfires on the streets of England.

11. Germans often have the custom of throwing knives into the street on Halloween night with the reason that they will prevent the scary when the spirits return.

13 highlights of the Halloween season

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12. Traditional Halloween costumes modeled after supernatural characters such as monsters, demons, skeletons, witches, etc. Over time, the costume selection expanded and included famous characters from

13. Trick-or-treating is a custom for children on Halloween night.

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