6 healthcare trends for 2023

The lasting effects of COVID-19 are still felt, causing continued transformation in every aspect of life, including how people view the importance of overall health.

In the article below, let’s explore with ELLE 6 health care trends that will explode in 2023 according to experts’ predictions.

Online healthcare services will become increasingly popular

While the pandemic has placed a huge burden on the global healthcare system, it has also created a whole new trend: online healthcare.

According to statistics from Zocdoc (an online medical service provision platform), less than 1% of Zocdoc’s total bookings in February 2020 were for telehealth care and by May 2020

Recycle food to live more sustainably

More and more consumers are adopting a “zero waste” lifestyle.

“While the concept of ‘food upcycling’ is not new to chefs like me, the pandemic has certainly pushed me to change the way I run my business.

Ginet added that people can practice food recycling at home by “reusing fruit pulp after juicing to make vegetarian broth…” for example.

Exercise 24/7 anytime, anywhere

Gyms were forced to temporarily close due to the pandemic, so personal trainers and owners of traditional wellness spaces have been hit hard.

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5 healthcare trends that will flourish in 2023

Emphasize mental health care

During the epidemic, the proportion of people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders increased significantly, with 43% of people feeling more anxious and 45% of people experiencing depression.

“Initiatives to incorporate digital support are needed, and teletherapy has allowed the world more access.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the proportion of adults aged 18-44 receiving mental health treatment has increased from 18.5% to 23.2% in just the past 12 months.

Simplify your skin care routine

“Simplification” will become the most repeated word in the “beauty dictionary” of post-pandemic women.

Besides, consumers increasingly prefer to buy products with reusable packaging.

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

5 best `healthy` diets according to advice from experts

Leisure travel for health

Not only did the pandemic cause a major paradigm shift in the wellness-based travel industry, but people also had a new, more focused perspective on their mental and physical health.

“A popular trend is for travelers to incorporate work into their travel itineraries, taking advantage of flexible remote work schedules by opting for nature road trips.”.

A 2021 study found that travel can have “positive psychological outcomes.”

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