8 romantic movies for Christmas Eve

Let movies help you rediscover its inherent Christmas spirit.

The last moment of the year seems to be very close with streams of people rushing back and forth with worries before the new year.


ELLE will introduce to you romantic movies for couples this Christmas season.

1. Love, Actually

Love, Actually is a super romantic Christmas-themed movie with an extremely strong and famous cast, the film’s content revolves around small stories of love intertwined with each other or separately.

2. The Holiday

This gentle and simple romantic drama brings you two lovely love stories of actress Cameron Diaz – handsome guy Jude Law and the couple `Rose` Kate Winslet – comedian Jack Black.

3. Sleepless In Seattle

We will return to Seattle, USA in the 90s in the love story of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

4. Just Friends

The movie about Ryan Reynolds’ return to his hometown after many years away at Christmas will make women think a lot and for a long time about the friends you once listed in your Friend-zone list.

5. When Harry Met Sally

The miracles of love that take place at Christmas time between two friends will once again ensure that “There is no concept of friendship between men and women” becomes accurate.

6. Elves

The best way to find and spread the festive spirit is to sing Christmas songs together.

7. Serendipity

Another romantic movie for the holiday season, a love story that takes place in New York City, USA.

8. Fir Crazy

The story is about an A-list citizen of New York who suddenly loses everything before the new year, and she finds the love of her life again through her job selling Christmas trees on the streets of Manhattan.

Forget the chaos and worries outside the windows, let yourself relax in a peaceful holiday scene with your lover and immerse yourself in the romance of Christmas.

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