8 secrets to enjoying life

The secret to enjoying brilliant summer every day.

But in reality, to effectively implement the secrets, we need to create good habits, affecting the way we receive energy from within ourselves.

1. Get up before 7 o’clock

If you get up after 7 o’clock, you will miss out on enjoying the cool and clear air, the beginning of the day that provides abundant energy and the ability to think positively.

8 secrets to enjoying life

Patiently wake yourself up and exercise every day.

2. Movement and movement

How many times have you heard about exercise advice?

– Take the stairs to the office or house at least 3 floors without using the elevator

Cycling to the market or supermarket or going to a coffee date with friends every week.

– Practice deep breathing for a few minutes while standing or sitting waiting for a car or waiting for an appointment.

– Instead of going on a coffee date, buy a drink to go, walk to the park or on the street and chat together…

3. Prioritize bright colored outfits

Colors have the ability to influence emotions. With bright colors, you are not only younger and more vibrant under the summer sun, but also feel more excited, love life, and have a deeper awareness of your own self-image.

8 secrets to enjoying life

Bright outfit colors can spread inspiration to others.

4. Hydrate and preserve skin

In the hot season, when the temperature rises, the body can easily become dehydrated. Make a schedule for drinking water if necessary, at least 2 to 2.5 liters per day.

8 secrets to enjoying life

Stay hydrated to avoid hot flashes in stressful situations.

5. Make a Playlist

Music is a great source of inspiration, someone you share with, encourage and boost your inner energy.

6. Thank you for the crazy times

One of the disadvantages of the hot season is that it’s too hot or the rain is too heavy, which can easily make people frustrated. At least on these days, it’s hard to avoid the urge to go crazy, but if you’ve missed it,

8 secrets to enjoying life

We can learn when we become crazy.

7. Don’t stay naked all night`

Even in the hottest weather, you should sleep with a thin shirt to avoid the intrusion of bacteria that grow and become active.

8 secrets to enjoying life

Think about what your heart holds to nourish the motivation that makes you wake up tomorrow.

8. Sleep with love.

Avoid using mobile devices such as phones, computers or tablets when you go to bed (of course, don’t bring your work to bed if you don’t want to have nightmares).

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