Beret hat and fishnet stockings – The perfect comeback

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Lily James’ journey of changing fashion style over the years

French hat

Created in the 12th century, the beret is associated with classic fashion icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy, and is an endless source of inspiration for the new fashion generation such as Rihanna or Diane Kruger.

Combining a beret with a classic color item will help you save a lot of time mixing & matching.

Postman boy

The hats of messenger boys are sweeping the street fashion catwalks.

If it’s your first time experimenting with a newsboy hat, you should experiment with a simple design with black and brown tones.

Fashion trends

How will the top 8 trends of 2017 transform into 2018 fashion?

Beautiful librarian

After Gucci successfully promoted the `geek chic` trend, fashionistas brought this trend to the street style playground, typically mixing and matching socks and sandals.

Choose a centerpiece between the pair of sandals and socks.

Bold mesh

It would be a big mistake for fashionistas to ignore the fishnet stocking fever of Fall – Winter 2017. Traditionally associated with sexiness and boldness, fishnet stockings bring a challenging charm to the outfit.

Pastel colored socks are an interesting choice for fashion lovers.

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