COMME DES GARÇONS Spring 2018: A chorus of talented female artists

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The collection is called “Multidimensional graffiti”.

If we look at the collection as a whole, perhaps this is a wall covered with works of art from artists over time and come together in the collection with fabric versions.

With the opening of the collection Rei Kawakubo was inspired by the works of Dutch artist Abraham Mignon.

Same pair of blue and white Nike high heels, but this time with a more youthful vibe when Rei Kawakubo decided to choose a young Japanese artist with a typical Anime style to appear in the Spring 2018 collection.

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Once again, Kawakubo brings us from one admiration to another, which are the 5th and 13th designs in this collection.

The outfits sometimes make us wonder if we are looking at Comme des Garçons’ Spring 2018 collection or admiring living works of art recreated from centuries ago but

Returning to reality, Kawakubo did not forget to choose the performance of a collection of classical music with a dark melody to end.

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