`Divine` linen – the perfect cooling method for the summer

According to Margaret Frey, a professor of design science and textile fibers at Cornell University, after studying many civilizations, linen appeared when people first learned how to make fabric.

The ancient origin and properties of linen

Scientifically proven to be cooler than cotton and silk, linen still retains its vitality even though it was discovered dozens of centuries ago.

Linen creates space between the body and the outfit, helping to cool better.

The ways to use linen are diverse and change over time.

During use, whether hand-washed or machine-washed, the clothes will not fray or tear.

`Divine` linen - the perfect cooling method for the summer

Highly applicable, linen has been commonly used in the garment industry for tens of thousands of years.

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Linen is quite picky about wearing it because not everyone can stand its `frugal` nature.

If you are a girl who loves a gentle, feminine style with a hint of the old colors of time, a long dress made of linen will be an indispensable item in the wardrobe.

`Divine` linen - the perfect cooling method for the summer

Linen is like a graceful girl, sometimes cheeky but extremely lovely.

`Divine` linen - the perfect cooling method for the summer

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Clothes made of linen, the ultimate cooling solution

This summer, the design of short-sleeved shirts, shorts, midi skirts or long straight dresses promises to continue to be popular with girls because of their high applicability.

`Divine` linen - the perfect cooling method for the summer

Linen shorts are a must-have item in your beach suitcase this Summer.

`Divine` linen - the perfect cooling method for the summer

Gentle pastel colors are also a suitable choice in hot weather.

Off-the-shoulder dress and linen, the ultimate way to cool off.

Vintage `combo` with linen straight-leg pants combined with a fancy off-the-shoulder shirt.

Ivory white is a popular choice when it comes to linen.

The delicate color combination will help your outfit no longer be monotonous and boring.

Midi skirts made of linen create a comfortable feeling for office girls.

The waist tie detail makes the perfect highlight for the overall outfit.

The bag style will go extremely well with long feminine dresses.

Be careful when wearing linen

Although linen is quite easy to wear, there is one thing you need to keep in mind before you start using this material.

When washing and ironing, limit continuous impact in the same position to avoid tearing the fabric.

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