ELLE March 2020 – Wonder Woman: The power of connection

During the Obama Foundation event in Malaysia last December, when asked how to keep balance in life, former US First Lady Michelle Obama and actress Julia Roberts both said that they always need to have balance.

That was the starting point for the editorial team of ELLE Women’s Magazine to build content for the March issue with the theme Women Solidarity – The connection of women.

It’s no coincidence that two stories in the ELLE Voices series are about communities of women in the technology industry that are often thought to be suitable only for men.

For the three cover girls – Minh Hang, Hoang Thuy Linh and Kha Ngan – their nearly 10-year friendship has created an embrace that supports and protects each other in the controversial world of showbiz.

ELLE also wants to invite you to step into the Spring – Summer 2020 fashion season. Chanel brought the show to the roof of the romantic city of Paris, Dior built a green garden, Balenciaga recreated the atmosphere of a summit meeting room.

I believe we can be optimistic that these important advances will spur significant shifts in the fashion industry;

Lien Chi

Editorial secretary

Instagram: @ellevietnam

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