Environmental activist Gisele Bundchen – For green

ELLE: What inspired you to become an environmental activist and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador?

GISELE BUNDCHEN: I have always felt deeply connected to nature.

ELLE: What are the goals and immediate projects of this organization?

GISELE: I’m working with UNEP to call attention to the environmental agenda, while continuing to pursue an initiative that I came up with on my 40th birthday last year, which is to plant

ELLE: What’s the worst environmental thing you’ve seen?

GISELE: Maybe it’s the forest fires.

ELLE: So what is the most hopeful or wonderful thing for you?

GISELE: Hope exists everywhere.

ELLE: How do you think the conversation about environmental issues has changed in recent years?

GISELE: The good news is that society is more concerned and aware of environmental issues.

ELLE: If you were `president of the earth`, what law would you amend to make this planet a more livable place?

GISELE: First, companies must take responsibility for producing their products in the most sustainable and ethical ways possible.

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