Fashion focus Spring – Summer 2022: New hope in old nostalgia

Spring – Summer 2022 is a fashion week of many emotions and memorable moments, marking the return to the real catwalk after a year of confusion due to the epidemic.

Y2K pink prism

The first big trend of Spring – Summer 2022 is Y2K, which has dominated since Fall – Winter.

The 2000s were the golden age of Italian brands like Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana with their provocative Eurotrash style.

Fashion collection

Milan Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022: Sexy and bold like the 2000s

Versace’s Y2K imprint is clearly shown in the Fendace collection in collaboration with Fendi.

(Photo: Versace by Fendi)

(Photo: Fendi by Versace)

When talking about Y2K fashion, we have to talk about unmatched sexiness through costumes that reveal a lot of skin, animal motifs and lace.

(Photo: Dolce & Gabbana)

(Photo: Roberto Cavalli)

(Photo: Blumarine)

(Photo: Missoni)

(Photo: Miu Miu)

In the accessories segment, the two most popular Y2K-style brands are BY FAR and rookie forBitches, whose armpit bags are enthusiastically promoted by It-Girls like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid.

(Photo: @byfar_official)

(Photo: @forbitchescompany)

“Ghost” by Helmut Lang

In the 90s, Helmut Lang was an icon and pride of New York fashion, and even today his influence has not subsided.

Known for the transformation of tank tops, bold cutouts and transparent material combinations, Helmut Lang’s carnal temptation is fully and somewhat boldly exploited by Eckhaus Latta.

(Photo: Eckhaus Latta)

(Photo: Eckhaus Latta)

There are still tight-fitting knitwear, but Peter Do does not focus on the provocative aspect but combines his tailoring strengths with long coats and straight-leg trousers.

(Photo: Peter Do)

(Photo: Peter Do)

Return to self

For a designer who has worked or is currently working for a brand, his personal impression is built before and while working for that brand.

Fashion world

Spring-Summer 2022: Is fashion ready for the future?

There are many opinions that Riccardo Tisci cannot create miracles at Burberry like he did at Givenchy, but starting with the two Spring – Summer collections for both men and women, we see the unique qualities that make a Riccardo Tisci.

(Photo: Burberry)

(Photo: Burberry)

Dubbed the romantic prince of European fashion with his dark melancholy beauty, Olivier Theyskens is a name that is always supported and expected by the fashion world.

(Photo: Olivier Theyskens)

(Photo: Olivier Theyskens)

Legacy of predecessors

With long-standing big brands, it is obvious that current designers seek inspiration from `treasures of scriptures`.

(Photo: Dior)

(Photo: Dior)

(Photo: Dior)

Chanel’s Spring – Summer 2022 catwalk was held at the Grand Palais Éphémère to simulate the atmosphere of the 80s – 90s. Not only the runway, the models’ costumes and performances also evoked the

(Photo: Chanel)

(Photo: Chanel)

(Photo: Chanel)

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