Fashion in the movie: Now You See Me 2

The reality is that no one likes to be tricked, but with magic – a form of performance art that deceives the viewer’s eyes, it is the opposite.

Therefore, Hollywood filmmakers were very successful in bringing magic to the big screen in Now You See Me (2013), which revolves around a group of magicians, named `Four Horsemen`.

Now You See Me 2 (Help of the Century 2) poster

Following the first part, Now You See Me 2 (2nd Century Mission) was released in the summer of 2016, marking the return of the Four Horsemen group and secret agent Dylan Rhodes who want to carry out a new mission, to

In part 2, actress Isla Ficher became pregnant so she could not continue playing the role of Henley Reeves.

Let’s take a look at their amazing fashion style with ELLE:

Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel `Danny` Atlas: Starting out as a street magician, Danny possesses many unpredictable tricks and is considered the leading member of the Four Horsemen – the current `Robin Hoods`

Danny favors minimalist, masculine style.

During the performance in the rain, Danny wore outfits including: Rain jacket from The North Face, V-neck cashmere sweater from Thirty Five Kent, and lace-up shoes from brand 8.

Coming to the technology company, he chose for himself a minimalist outfit, a suit from Black brand.

The performance outfit is a classic suit from Dsquared2 combined with a simple but elegant white shirt.

Lizzy Caplan as Lula: The predecessor, Henley Reeves, could not stand Danny’s love of controlling others, so he withdrew to make room for the new beauty, Lula.

`Four Horsemen` always wears outfits designed in a dynamic, equally sexy style with the main color tone being mostly black, bringing a strong personality to the person.

Jacket from Cupcakes and Cashmere is made of high-quality leather, giving Lula a rock chic style.

Fur scarf from Hat Attack, combined with red and black checkered jacket from Charlotte Russe, high-necked boots from Nine West.

During a performance, Lula wore an ash gray T-shirt from Burberry.

Can’t take our eyes off the stylish lady in a cut-out dress that shows off her sexy elastic waist, covered with a fur coat from Cream Patchwork Shaggy Faux Fur Coat, and the favorite accessory of young girls is a bracelet.

Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney: Merritt McKinney’s strength is his ability to hypnotize others.

As the oldest of the Four Horsemen, Merritt McKinney’s style follows the trend of elegant gentlemen with mainly luxurious suits.

His favorite accessories are hats, especially the `pork pie hat` style, meticulously crafted by hand from the famous Bailey brand.

For his stage outfit, Merritt chose a black `pork pie hat` from Hugo Boss, along with a suit from Tonello.

Dave Franco as Jack Wilder: The youngest member of the Four Horsemen and an expert pickpocket.

Possessing a handsome face, stylish temperament, and romantic taste in clothes, Jack Wilder has `captured` countless women’s hearts.

Classic suit by Armani Collezioni, tie by Sean John.

Go cool with Topman’s Bomber-style jacket, a shirt model derived from the MA-1 shirt worn by air force soldiers, especially pilots, from the 1950s, because of its neat features and ability to keep warm.

Eastland retro style chukka boots.

Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes: At the end of Now You See Me, the audience learns that the stupid secret agent from the FBI is actually a member of The Eye organization.

Dylan Rhodes’s fashion style has office trends suitable for his role as the `rear guard` for the Four Horsemen group.

He chose simple outfits like a suit from Hickey Freeman and a tie from Brooks Brothers.

Daniel Radcliffe as Walter Mabry: `The wizard Harry Potter` is the most notable new face of Now You See Me 2.

As a businessman, Walter Mabry always refines his appearance in his appearances with high-end and luxurious outfits.

Impressed with the two-tone white suit – Tonello brand, puffy pocket square scarf.

Most of the scenes in `Now You See Me 2` were filmed directly in the casino city of Macao.

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