How often should you exfoliate?

There are many ways to talk about dead cells, but from a scientific perspective, dead cells are the top layer of skin that is pushed out and replaced by a new layer of cells.

This natural phenomenon originates from the cell’s replication mechanism to produce new cells.

Skin regeneration process

Our skin has a mechanism to remove dead cells, usually that mechanism works every 2 weeks.

However, when you get older, or when your health is weakened, or you have just gone through a long period of treatment… you will feel that your skin is not smooth, a bit rough, and has areas with uneven skin tone.

If your skin cannot remove dead cells on its own, these layers of cells will stay on the surface of the skin, becoming thicker and thicker.

Nowadays, the cosmetic industry has created many lines of exfoliators to assist the body in regenerating the skin.

How often should you exfoliate your skin?

According to experts in the field of skin care, it is necessary to rely on factors such as: what type of skin you have, whether it is easily irritated and what your working environment is like to be able to give an accurate answer.

Because if you overuse these products, your skin will be worn out and won’t have enough time to regenerate new cell layers, leading to the epidermis becoming thinner and your skin not being able to protect you under the influence of the sun.

The skin surface of your entire body also has the same elimination cycle. You should use appropriate exfoliating products for each area of your body, especially sensitive skin areas such as the neck and back… Exfoliate

When it comes to skin care, the areas of elbows, knees or heels are often forgotten.

In spas, people often use sea salt to exfoliate.

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