Is it too difficult to actively date a guy?

Tips for living

7 love signs that prove he is serious about dating

Gone are the days when we women were shy and didn’t dare look each other in the eye, and were so worried that we couldn’t sleep when he asked us on a date.

Tips for living

7 dating rules every girl needs to know

Only think about going on a date when you’re sure he’s ready

No matter how confident you are with the privileges that gender equality gives, always remember that you are a woman, and as women, we must know what is necessary and sufficient, and what not to do.

It can be said that at this point, some of you will still be skeptical about the `easiness` of men.

But don’t hesitate to give yourself a chance

There is no such thing as “normal” until someone boldly does it.

Refuse directly if they make inappropriate invitations

There is one thing we need to clearly define: actively dating does not mean allowing ourselves to go beyond the limit.

When the task is completed, return to your femininity

Men will be attracted by the initial enthusiasm but after all, they still want you to be gentle like a real lady.

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