Katy Perry and 11 interesting contrasting highlights (Part 1)

Katy Perry doesn’t want to be a copy of anyone.

Regarding the prominence of external image, Katy Perry can be considered a compromise between the colorful Nicki Minaj and the unique icon Lady Gaga, but with resounding achievements in her career, it is difficult for anyone to compete for the position of power.

1. Having a strict education but still willing to rebel.

Growing up in a family with a strong belief in Christianity, both parents were pastors, from a young age Katy Perry was given a strict education, only listening to and singing hymns or playing music within the framework.

2. Learn Opera to conquer the world with Pop music

After her first year in high school, Katy left school, planning to pursue a serious music career.

3. Easily influenced by idols but never become anyone’s second image.

Katy was so crazy about Alanis Morissette, a Canadian-born female singer and songwriter, that she knocked on the door of producer and composer Glen Ballard to ask for a collaboration, who had contributed to Morissette’s success.

4. Rejected for being different and praised for having a different vision

Because she was so different from the direction that famous music producers wanted from her, they didn’t understand the music she wanted to sing, the idea of the image she wanted to become, so Katy was not allowed to sign any contract.

5. Sophisticated and colorful in work but simple, sincere, close to life

Katy truly has a vision that captivates the world, the ability to change colors, be meticulous and sophisticated in each investment idea for music products.

(to be continued)

Made by: May Ngo

Photo: ELLE US

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