Preserving traditional Vietnamese identity in the flow of contemporary music

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In the world, the use of musical instruments or folk songs on contemporary music is no longer a new thing.

If you often hang out on the Hoan Kiem Lake walking street, the name Rhapsody Philharmonic Quang Minh is certainly not unfamiliar.

“Main soul” of Maius Philharmonic – Conductor Luu Quang Minh.

Maius Philharmonic is a selective `reissue` with the goal of bringing Vietnamese folk music combined with symphonic music, bringing Vietnamese music to a higher level, with self-written combinations.

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The `main soul` of Maius Philharmonic is conductor Luu Quang Minh.

Recently, he and musician Quoc Trung released the album `Vietnam` – the first symphonic music album in Vietnam combining folk identity with both traditional and Western instruments on a contemporary music background.

With the desire to bring symphonic music closer to the public, Luu Quang Minh hopes his music can spread to young people of the late 7X and early 9X generations.

In contrast to Luu Quang Minh’s approach to bringing symphonic music with national influences closer to the public, Le Hoi Phuong has a completely different approach.

“You must truly love the teaching profession and love the monochord to maintain the fire of enthusiasm to convey to the young generation day after day” – Bau artist Le Hoai Phuong.

Le Hoi Phuong, PhD in music from Hanyang University (Korea) majoring in percussion instruments, chose to preserve traditional musical identity in a more `extremely picky` way.

Le Hoi Phuong’s talent is also known for the fact that he combined a rock group to record the sound of the monochord that seemed only suitable for melancholy melodies.

He is also a member of the multi-ethnic music group Asian Music Ensemble consisting of 5 members from Mongolia, Korea, and Vietnam.

The Asian Music Ensemble group consists of 5 members from Mongolia, Korea, and Vietnam touring in Paris, France.

Currently, Le Hoi Phuong focuses on teaching at the Traditional Music Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Music.

Impressive `Vietnam` album in bamboo box.

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