Quick Q&A with designer Devon Nguyen

ELLE: What brought Devon into fashion?

DN: I remember from a very young age I wanted to become a fashion designer, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

ELLE: Devon’s previous collection had gothic and punk styles, but this collection has Baroque architecture, why is there such a change?

DN: People often say that fashion has no limits.

I found photos of Baroque architecture in an old book, then I drew and colored them myself.

ELLE: What is Devon preparing for the ELLE Fashion Show collection this time?

DN: I have to say that the fashion designer in me likes Spring – Summer the most with its colors, freshness and heat.

Past and future times have always been my inspiration.

ELLE: What about combining with accessories?

DN: Because the print makes a very strong impression, both in terms of color and detail, I don’t want to let the viewer be influenced by other factors.

Quick Q&A with Devon Nguyen

Most talented fashion designer?

Favorite fashion photographer?

Favorite movie?

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Where is the fashion capital of the world between Milan, Paris, London and New York?

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