10 styles of summer shorts that make women `sobbing`

In the summer, slacks and short pants become the focus of all women’s fashion styles.

1. Classic dress-imitation shorts

When the trends of the old decade `landed` again in recent years.

At first glance, they look quite similar to a dress, A,  but they are a trendy “fake skirt” style.

2. Bicycle pants

I don’t know when specialized short pants for cycling lovers have become a trend that all fashionistas want to experience.

10 styles of summer shorts that make women `sobbing`

Breaking away from traditional concepts of coordination, bicycle pants are combined with loose vests and berets.

3. Fringed jean shorts

Mentioning the fringe trend is mentioning the Boho spirit.

10 styles of summer shorts that make women `sobbing`

Tasseled jean shorts are a symbol of a dynamic and liberal fashion style.

4. White shorts

Besides pants with familiar color tones such as gray, black, navy blue, white is one of the typical neutral colors and can be considered the most neutral.

10 styles of summer shorts that make women `sobbing`

With many different fabrics and innovative designs, white shorts have a youthful and elegant look.

5. Knee-length pants

The sexy `rose` of French cinema – Brigitte Bardot, one of the pioneering female artists promoting the above-the-knee pants trend during the 60s and 70s. This is a fairly simple type of pants, suitable for everyone.

10 styles of summer shorts that make women `sobbing`

A pair of pants that hang a little above the knee will make you feel cool and comfortable.

10 styles of summer shorts that make women `sobbing`

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6. Boxing style shorts

The list of sweatpants styles that excite fashion lovers is growing every day.

If you don’t like pants that are too tight because they restrict movement and feel uncomfortable, boxing pants will be a choice worth trying.

7. Leather shorts

One of the most picky types of pants to wear is leather pants.

With leather shorts, the simpler the outfits and accessories, the better.

8. Super short women’s shorts

The `best friend` of festivals – super short shorts have never stopped `tempting` all women.

Super short shorts are considered the highlight of summer fashion.

9. Knee-length shorts

The most prominent feature of these shorts is that they are knee-length, so your legs will be `covered` less, helping you feel confident while still being healthy and active.

Wearing short pants on hot summer days is great, but if you are not confident in showing off your long legs with short pants, choose short pants that fall above the knee.

10. Wild patterned shorts

It’s no longer a new trend, but wild patterns, also known as animal skin patterns, on shorts still make fashionistas sob with their trendy style and personality.

When it comes to wild patterns, many people will immediately think of leopard prints, this can be considered the most popular pattern.

Shorts with wild patterns are eye-catching, convenient, youthful, can be combined with many styles and never get tired of wearing them.

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