Creative Business 2021 explodes with unexpected elements

Sang Tao Doanh is a survival series that selects idol groups, copyrighted from the Korean show Produce 101 produced by `big man` Dang Tan (Tencent).

It can be said that Creative Business 2021 is one of the most `feverish` TV shows today.

1. Quality advisors

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Every season of Creative Doanh, the audience admires Dang Tan’s willingness to spend and play when he can invite names that others can hardly think of.

In addition, the show also features Chau Tham – China’s golden voice – and Amber – a former member of the group f(x) who has conquered many fans.

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2. Cultural interference

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The surprising point that is also the most special point of this season 4 is the cultural interference between countries.

Coming from many countries around the world helps interns interact, learn and make friends with each other, but at the same time, it also creates the problem of language barriers.

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3. `Extremely good` interns

In any season, Sang Tao Doanh focuses on quality contestants.

At the end of episode 1.1, the audience had the opportunity to admire the stable dancing and singing skills of Santa and Rikimaru.

Learning to dance since he was 3 years old, Santa spent 20 years dedicating himself to dance.

Not only foreign trainees are highly appreciated, Chinese contestants also delivered impressive performances.

Up to now, an indispensable tradition in the Sang Sang Doanh series is the battle that many people look forward to.

In addition to the impressive battle performances of Santa, Luu Vu and Tiet Bat Nhat, fans were also immersed in the vocal competition `Love is never lost` from Du Canh Dan, Mika, Truong Tinh Dat and Cam Vong Tinh.

4. Beauty explosion

Besides the irresistible talent, Sang Tao Doanh 2021 also brings together a group of handsome men that make fans `crazy`.

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As a Chinese American, Chau Kha Vu scored points in the hearts of viewers right from the first episode broadcast with her indelible beauty.

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Different from the usual image people perceive of boy bands, Ho Diep Thao has a delicate and somewhat feminine beauty.

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5. Unexpected factors

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Many people did not think that Han Boi Tuyen – who owns famous comedy clips on TikTok – would participate in Creative Doanh 2021. During the evaluation, Han Boi Tuyen made the audience burst into laughter with his humorous comments.

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While Han Boi Tuyen is in charge of the comedy part, Kazuma, Luke, and David `shoulder` the role of `master student` of Sang Tao Doanh.

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Having participated in the survival program, everyone wants to be able to survive until the end.

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