Designer Le Thanh Hoa’s show melted in the rain

Designer Le Thanh Hoa & Miss Dang Thu Thao

The Spring-Summer 2017 collection is called `Lam Vu` by designer Le Thanh Hoa

The show brought together a series of top models in the Vietnamese modeling industry.

Miss Dang Thu Thao

Presenting the latest Spring-Summer 2017 collection called `Lam Vu`, designer Le Thanh Hoa brought applied fashion designs but made according to trendy and sophisticated Haute Couture standards, to bring experiences

Model Kim Nhung

Model Minh Trieu

Model Le Thuy

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The show was divided into 3 parts with the appearance of famous models in the contemporary fashion industry such as Mau Thuy, Huong Ly, Trang Pham, Ngoc Chau, H’Hen Nie, Le Thuy, Cao Ngan, H’ang

The first steps to open the show made all of the more than 300 guests feel like they were entering a magical world of fashion where there are only exquisite designs and like-minded souls.

Model Mau Thuy

Part 2 of the `party` is the opening ceremony of model Mau Thuy.

Model Ngoc Chau

In the final part, model Ngoc Chau wears a sexy tight dress as the first-face.

Miss Dang Thu Thao

Miss Dang Thu Thao

Miss Dang Thu Thao

The charisma of a `billionaire fairy` and the flawless beauty of Dang Thu Thao seemed to attract all eyes when she wore a gorgeous dress, with elaborately embellished details.

During the Lam Vu show, it rained non-stop, but that seemed to unintentionally add a highlight to the show when despite the rain, the models still naturally showed off eye-catching mini collections.

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