ELLE Style Awards 2017 Advisory Board – Who are they?

Artist Thanh Loc

“As a public figure, you have to take care of your clothes carefully.

When it comes to the theater industry in Vietnam, no one knows Thanh Loc.

Representative of ELLE Vietnam – Creative Director Dzung Yoko

“For me, the most stylish person must be the one who dresses beautifully, but is a beauty that is not stereotypical and shows one’s own aesthetic taste;

Graduating as valedictorian from Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture in 1998, Dzung Yoko quickly established her name in the field of Visual Design, especially with image creations for famous singers in Vietnam.

ELLE’s activities

ELLE Style Awards 2017 – When style meets art

Designer Nguyen Cong Tri

`The award will help artistic and creative people have more motivation and pride in their career path.`

Nguyen Cong Tri is currently a leading name in the fashion industry in Vietnam.

Singer Ho Ngoc Ha

“Prizes will be given to those who know how to learn.

During the journey of more than 10 years, with passion and constant efforts, Ho Ngoc Ha gradually demonstrated serious labor efforts and persistent artistic creation.

Music producer Duong Khac Linh

`Style is the way of dressing, the way of living, the way of speaking, the way of thinking… expressing all of one’s personality, but must be artistic and creative.`

Musician and music producer Duong Khac Linh is famous for his `cool hands` as he is behind a series of famous hits of top singers such as Ho Ngoc Ha, Thanh Bui, Hong Nhung, Ha Anh Tuan… He owns

ELLE’s activities

Last day to vote for your favorite star at ELLE Style Awards 2017

ELLE Global Representative – ELLE Australia Editorial Secretary Brooke Bickmore

“ELLE Style Awards is the perfect example of a stylish, memorable and multifaceted event, full of surprises and joy.”

Brooke Bickmore began her career as a Lifestyle Stylist, working in photography, production and fashion before becoming Editorial Assistant and then Editorial Secretary at SHOP magazine in 2012. After

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