Indian doctor warns of `shock` about black fungus epidemic amid Covid-19 epidemic

(Dan Tri) – The Indian health system faces a dangerous double challenge when it has to fight a wave of Covid-19 infection while also trying its best to deal with a black fungus epidemic with a mortality rate of 50%,

The number of patients with black fungus has increased sharply in India recently (Illustration: AFP).

According to BBC, India has so far recorded 8,800 cases of dangerous black fungus in just a short time.

Black fungus is an infection caused by a fungus belonging to the group Mucorales, which often affects patients with weak immune systems.

Steroids reduce inflammation in the lungs of Covid-19 patients and help prevent damage that can occur when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive to fight SARS-CoV-2.

Normally, black fungus is a rare type of infection, however, the Covid-19 epidemic is believed to have sparked a spike in the number of cases in recent times.

The number of cases increased unusually

The western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra account for half of all black fungus cases to date.

Hospital black fungus treatment areas are opening up across the country and are filling up quickly, doctors say.

Mr. Pandey asserted that the spike in black fungus cases was unpredictable, as the hospital had on average only received 1-2 cases in previous years.

The doctor above even gave a gloomier warning about black fungus, that it is becoming `more challenging than Covid-19. If patients are not treated promptly and properly, the mortality rate will increase.`

According to a statistic conducted by Dr. Pandey on 201 patients in 4 hospitals in Indore, the majority of people with black fungus have recovered from Covid-19 and are men.

Other small-scale surveys in Mumbai or some other localities also had similar results to Dr. Pandey’s statistics.

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