Lotus: Magnet attracts positive energy

On the occasion of the New Year, you can use the lotus symbol as a `talisman` to attract positive energy into your life.

Origin of lotus

The rich history of the lotus stretches back thousands of years.

Dr. Steven Vose, professor of religion at Florida International University (USA), said: `The lotus was soon present in the artworks of Buddhism and Jainism in South Asia`, the furthest being

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Lotus flowers are also popular among the Indo-Greek community (an ancient nomadic people in the Indian subcontinent).

Today, India chooses the white lotus as its national flower.

Lotus: Magnet attracts positive energy

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Lotus: Magnet attracts positive energy


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The meaning of lotus in spirituality and religion

As a beautiful flower rising from mud, the lotus is considered a symbol of purity, vitality and the will to overcome all difficulties in life.

This flower has a special place in Eastern religions.

According to feng shui expert Anjie Cho, the lotus flower also has a mandala pattern, with an extended center facing outward.

Lotus: Magnet attracts positive energy

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Besides, each flower color will have its own meaning.

Pink lotus: This is the supreme flower and represents Buddha.

White lotus: White flower color is associated with purity and perfection.

Red lotus: The color red carries fire energy, symbolizing passion, inspiration and emotional expression.

Green lotus: In Buddhist art, the image of a green lotus is always depicted in bud or partially bloomed form.

Lotus: Magnet attracts positive energy

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Lotus: Magnet attracts positive energy

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How to apply the lotus symbol to life


You can draw a picture of the 3 stages of the lotus life cycle, from a lotus bud (symbolizing potential), to the opening of the lotus (symbolizing fertility) and finally a lotus flower.

In addition to life energy, this mindfulness activity also gives you a relaxing, meditative time similar to drawing a mandala.

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Store images/statues

According to feng shui, hanging pictures or displaying lotus statues will help purify the space, bringing positive energy and luck to your home.

Sit in lotus position

Lotus pose, or “padmasana” in Sanskrit, is a cross-legged position, opening the hips and placing the feet on opposite thighs.

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Plant lotus flowers

Finally, you can bring the pure energy of this flower into your living space.

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