Macro diet: Effective weight loss of 4.5kg in a month without counting calories

To achieve the desired weight goal, many ladies always suffer from a great obsession with having to count every calorie they take in.

Effective weight loss thanks to appropriate nutrition and enhanced exercise will help you become healthier and more beautiful.

What is Macro mode?

The macro diet (Marco) is a new step forward from the traditional calorie-counting diet.

Macro mode helps ladies eat more comfortably than traditional dieting methods.

In addition, Macro mode also helps ladies choose food more wisely.

Don’t let your weight loss plan be ruined just because of foods that are too high in fat!

The benefits of the Macro method

Arranging your diet according to the macro-eating method helps you control your diet better and easier.

With a macro diet, you can reduce your body fat percentage by 2 to 5% in just one month.

Some experts say that although women’s bodies are different, when using a macro diet, a woman can reduce her body fat percentage by 2 to 5% in just one month and on average.

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

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How to follow a macro diet?

To start an effective weight loss regimen, you need to calculate your basal metabolic index (Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR).

Then, depending on your activity level, multiply this index by:

1.2 if you work a desk job and do little or no sports activities

1,375 if you play sports 1-3 times/week

1.55 if doing moderate sports 3-5 times/week

1,725 if vigorously active, playing sports 6-7 times/week

1.9 if active very often, on average 2 times/day

Macro mode depends heavily on each person’s physical activity frequency.

And you will have the number of calories you need in a day – this will be the first milestone you need to remember to have an effective way to lose weight.

Lose weight effectively through nutrition.

If you need to lose weight more effectively, choose the ratio:

45% protein

30% carbs

25% fat

If gaining muscle is your priority, try this ratio:

45% protein

35% carbs

20% fat

Macro mode revolves around 3 nutritional groups: carbs, fats and proteins.

Which foods are suitable for the Macro Diet?

To have an effective weight loss regime, choose appropriate foods according to each nutrient group as follows:

Carbohydrates: Load up on healthy carbs, like green vegetables, whole grains – cauliflower, asparagus, cauliflower, pumpkin, dark green vegetables, green beans, onions, cucumbers, oats,

Protein: There are many ways to get protein, but stay away from sandwiches or fried foods.

Fat: Healthy fats will help you maintain healthy hormone levels, have a superior metabolism and absorb vitamins better.

Fat-rich fish dishes (salmon, mackerel, sardines) are the best sources of protein.

Some suggestions for foods to help lose weight effectively at times:

You’re hungry: eat more protein – nutrients that help you feel fuller.

You are tired: many vegetables contain fiber to maintain the necessary energy from carbs.

You crave sweets: optimally balance blood sugar with protein, fiber and completely eliminate sugar

You are losing weight too suddenly: add one more meal a day with starch like sweet potatoes or whole grains

You lose muscle: definitely eat more protein and do strength exercises in the gym.

Use health apps to track your nutrition.

Besides, you can refer to some tools to help track your macro diet and create an effective weight loss meal schedule:


Lose It


My Macros+



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