Ralph & Russo captivates women with the `Parisian Girl` inspiration in the new collection

While big fashion houses chase the technology race and breakthroughs in 1900s fashion nostalgia, Ralph & Russo remains the same, always passionate and confident in the elegant beauty of the modern Parisian lady.

Although only established in 2010, Ralph & Russo is already a famous name helping British fashion become famous on the fashion map with veteran and most famous names.

“Paris is the heart and endless source of inspiration for Ralph & Russo.”

Always understanding the style desires of modern women, which are luxury, nobility, arrogance and splendor, Tamara knows how to touch them with the most sophisticated fashion.

At every red carpet event, Ralph & Russo proves its reign at Hollywood’s cinematic longitude by being behind a series of the best fashion moments.

And recently, within the framework of Paris Fashion Week 2018, Ralph and co-founder – CEO Michael Russo, continued to fascinate fashion lovers with the latest collection.

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Ranging from eye-catching pattern selections to bold color applications, Ralph focuses on smart, versatile designs and materials for every style.

Blending the classic beauty of iconic items with a modern twist.

The coat is made from a variety of materials and patterns, creating highlights with a fur collar and large belt.

Elegant women’s suits are more stylish when combined with a see-through shirt or mid-length jacket and oversize outerwear.

Stylized long blazer.

In addition to checks, Ralph & Russo also reintroduced the classic Houndstooth pattern.

Novelty Houndstooth with black lace and tweed fabric.

Ralph & Russo also brought back big checks to the runway in 2018.

Luxurious golden metallic fabric is also widely used in these designs.

The classic inspiration of the trench coat is maximally modernized with a sleeveless body dress.

Add a bit of impression with a stylized border.

In addition, faux leather and glossy black plastic also incorporate a bit of rebellious personality.

Intertwined are graceful, gentle pleated skirts.

Look to velvet to elevate daywear and create a beautiful look.

Ralph does not advocate eye-catching colors, but is attracted by quiet and elegant beauty.

Create a haute couture highlight with luxurious stone decoration.

Flying tassels are also a very expensive touch.

And long pleated skirt designs with high slits and bold V-necks.

Article: Maia Ng (Source: ELLE Women’s Magazine / Photos: Ralph & Russo)

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