Symbol of seduction

1. Skin

– Sexy tattoos:

No longer constrained by rigid concepts or the fear of `pain` that is very girly, tattooing is now quite popular among women.

– Bare back with pearls:

Most cosmetic companies are interested in the care and treatment of problems related to facial skin.

Symbol of seduction

2. Lips

– Passionate red:

Thanks to cosmetic companies, any woman can now choose a red lipstick that suits her skin.

Symbol of seduction

– Nude indifferently:

For girls with red lips, men truly cannot take their eyes off them, but it is also difficult for their lips to touch them because the dark lipstick makes him hesitate.

Symbol of seduction

3. Hair

– Fairy tale princess:

If you find letting your hair loose naturally is boring, then learn from fairy tale princesses to have cute, fun braids.

Symbol of seduction

– Floating ripples:

Men don’t like sharp, confident and stubborn women with wavy hair.

Symbol of seduction

– Natural smoothness:

99% of men like to gently stroke their smooth, shiny hair. If their hair is long, even better.

4. Simple nails

This is the detail that men pay the least attention to but women spend the most money on.

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