10 home exercises to help you have a perfect body

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

10 warning signs that your body needs exercise

A perfect body is the desire of any woman.

Make your butt firm

Exercise 1:

– Start in a kneeling position on the floor, put your hands on the ground so that your hands are below your shoulders, keeping your back straight

– Raise one bent leg up to hip height and then lower it in rhythm.

– Hold still, do not rotate the body until the exercise ends.

Exercise 2:

– For lying hip lift exercises.

– Tighten your abs, press your heels into the floor, slowly lift your hips off the floor, hold for 2 seconds, then gently lower.

Just like the above exercise, you should do 3 sets, each set 15 times.

Make your chest muscles expand

Exercise 1:

– Start with your face down on the floor, your hands and toes touching the ground forming a straight line.

– You combine push-ups and breathing.

– When lowering your elbows, keep them at a 45-degree angle, keep your hands closed and facing forward, keeping the center of gravity on your buttocks and knees.

– Do push-ups continuously depending on your strength.

– If it’s too difficult, you can bend your knees to the floor and cross your legs to make the push-up easier.

Exercise 2:

– For this second exercise, you need to prepare two dumbbells weighing about 2-4 kg.

– Tighten your abdomen, press your back firmly to the floor.

For a slim waist

Exercise 1:

– With the twisting exercise, first lay your body on your back on the floor, bend your knees up, slightly to the right, keeping your lower legs parallel to the floor.

Take a deep breath, lift your upper body off the floor while twisting your waist, trying to touch your right elbow to your left thigh.

– Repeat the movement in the opposite direction.

– You should practice 3 sets of this exercise to achieve the best results

Exercise 2:

– The plank movement is performed by placing the person lying on the left side, stretching the right arm straight down the body, resting the other elbow on the floor so that the shoulders and arms are in a straight line.

– Take a deep breath then exhale, straighten your left arm and reach your right arm straight up (be careful to keep a straight line from the shoulder to the tip of the right finger) or support the back of your head.

– Tighten your abdominal muscles and hold the position for 15 seconds.

For slim legs

Exercise 1:

– Stand straight, legs wider than shoulders

Hands clasped in front of you, slowly lower your hips, pulling your lower body back

Keep your back straight throughout the movement

Keep your chest high and return to the starting position

– Do 2 sets (10-15 times each set) for this exercise

Exercise 2:

– Lie on your back on the floor, stretch your arms and legs

– Raise the right leg high and perpendicular to the floor while lifting the left leg slightly but still keeping it parallel to the floor

– Then change legs and repeat the movement 15 times

For firm arms

Exercise 1:

– You can exercise at home with the support of a low chair.

– Straighten your arms and start doing push-ups.

– When lowering your body, be careful to avoid touching the floor

– Do 2 sets and 10 reps for each set.

Exercise 2:

– Maintain a half-bent position, feet shoulder-width apart.

– Slowly lean forward, keeping your back straight

– Take a deep breath, start lifting the dumbbells up to shoulder level or holding them a little higher than your shoulders.

– Repeat the movement 10-12 times

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