Just be a beautiful woman anytime, anywhere

Ms. Bui Thu Thuy, Customer Relations Manager of a foreign bank in Vietnam

Does your current job put you at a disadvantage in maintaining your health and body?

Office ladies often have a common weakness, which is sitting a lot in an air-conditioned environment, dry skin and lack of exercise, so the body is swollen and uncomfortable.

The only thing that affects my body is stress and tension every time there is a deadline.

Just be a beautiful woman anytime, anywhere

Just be a beautiful woman

What are the body care habits to overcome those disadvantages?

As a person who is always meticulous about maintaining my appearance and figure, I am always interested in taking care of myself.

I walk to work instead of other means of transportation.

I don’t abstain much, but avoid eating a lot of fat, starch, fast food, creamy foods and the habit of eating dinner late.

Just be a beautiful woman anytime, anywhere

Maintain appearance and figure

How do you think having a neat, healthy, and beautiful body affects your mental health and confidence in your social and family life?

A healthy, neat and toned body certainly has a great influence on spiritual life.

Due to the nature of my job, I have to communicate a lot with customers, so my appearance, neatness of body, fashion style with my own aesthetic taste, and cheerful demeanor make me more confident in communication and

What do you think about `loving yourself`?

It may be a bit much, but everyone who knows me has the same opinion that I am extremely confident about myself and always steadfast in my opinion: women must first know how to love themselves, whether single or married.

I see a lot of women around me making the mistake of thinking that once they have a family, everything about themselves plays a secondary role, so they voluntarily make their image look shabby and old.

Therefore, even though I love my job and my family very much, I believe that as a woman, even though work is important, even though family is number one, I should not consider work as everything or immerse myself in my role.

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