5 best skin care mask recipes from Japanese green tea

In the past, Japanese green tea (matcha) was often used to prepare drinks because it brought many health benefits.

1. Aloe vera and green tea facial mask for oily skin

Aloe vera contains up to 12 different vitamins such as: Vitamin E which is anti-oxidant, protects and regenerates cells, vitamin C which is anti-inflammatory, heals and maintains skin elasticity, and also contains vitamins B12 and B6.

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You need to prepare:

1 teaspoon matcha

2 teaspoons of aloe vera

After removing the skin from aloe vera, puree it and mix it with green tea powder.

2. Avocado and green tea whitening mask

It is known that matcha is an extremely effective antioxidant.

You need to prepare:

1 teaspoon matcha

¼ pureed fresh avocado

1 tablespoon honey

Mix all the above ingredients in a small bowl, you can use a mask brush to spread the mixture evenly on your skin.

3. Matcha, banana and turmeric anti-aging mask

Both matcha and turmeric have excellent anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, combined with olive oil extract as an antioxidant and mineral and vitamin content from banana, this good skin care mask formula will

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You need to prepare:

½ mashed banana

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

½ teaspoon matcha

1 tablespoon olive oil

After the ingredients are mixed well, they become a smooth formula, just apply on your face and wait for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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4. Moisturizing mask of green tea, rose water and coconut oil

Coconut oil not only has a `superior` moisturizing effect, but is also a natural anti-inflammatory.

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You need to prepare:

2 teaspoons matcha

½ teaspoon coconut oil

A few drops of rose essence

If you use coconut oil in wax form, you need to melt it before mixing it into the mixture.

5. Exfoliating and detoxifying mask

The high concentration of polyphenols in green tea helps enhance skin cell growth and promote collagen production, keeping the skin healthy.

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You need to prepare:

1/3 cup coconut oil

1 cup brown sugar or white sugar

1 tablespoon organic organica powder

1 tablespoon honey

Matcha powder

Mix coconut oil, sugar, honey and organica powder well, then gradually add green tea powder until it reaches a moderate consistency.

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