An understanding of natural beauty in a new age

Until now, there has been no definition of `beauty` that has been absolutely recognized, because as the ancients often said: `Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder`.

A different understanding of natural beauty in modern times

The world is entering the third decade of the 21st century. As a new era opens, many currents of thought and opinion must also change.

If she has harmonious five senses but unfortunately is born with oily and acne-prone skin, instead of enduring it, she seeks treatment methods to become more beautiful, is that still natural beauty?

With the development of science and technology and the spirit of international integration, women today have many options to improve their appearance.

Find the most beautiful version of yourself

If you are still wondering whether cosmetic surgery can preserve and enhance your natural beauty, the services at Vinmec International General Hospital are the reliable answer.

In particular, from April 2019, Vinmec International General Hospital has officially implemented cooperation with View Cosmetic Hospital, launching Vinmec – View Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center.

Established in 2005, based on the foundation of a surgical institute, dental clinic and dermatology clinic, View Cosmetic Hospital is currently the leading prestigious cosmetic facility in Korea.

Through cooperation with View Cosmetic Hospital, Vinmec will update the most advanced beauty trends and technologies from the `mecca` of Asian cosmetic surgery.

Understand more about natural beauty at the event My Rights Declaration – The most beautiful version of yourself

Perfect `heaven-given` beauty is of course always the most favored, but not everyone is so lucky.

Here, guests will meet, chat and listen to advice from leading doctors of Vinmec International General Hospital, as well as Korean representatives from View Aesthetic Hospital about cosmetic technologies.

Register to participate in the event today:


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