London Fashion Week Fall – Winter 2019: The catwalk shows the most vibrant community spirit

If Milan and Paris Fashion Week are magnificence, New York is commercial, youthful spirit, then London Fashion Week is where outspoken designers bring political, cultural and social views to the fore.

Protest on the stage

At the opening, the protest was organized by the campaign group Justice4Grenfell and aimed to draw attention to the failure to investigate the Grenfell Tower fire.

T-shirts printed with the words “72 dead and still not caught?

In addition, plus-size model Felicity Hayward has gathered a group of feminist activists to protest today’s outdated view of women’s physical beauty.

A group of plus-size models speak out against the issue of discrimination and ridicule of appearance in fashion.

The call for environmental protection was also made by brands at this year’s London Fall – Winter Fashion Week.

The model wore sports clothes and a hat with the words `God Bless America` printed on it.

The most special is probably Vivienne Westwood’s program.

Vivienne Westwood brought an urgent message about society and the environment to London Fashion Week Fall – Winter 2019. (Photo: Vivienne Westwood)

Vivienne Westwood’s presentation on the show.

Fashion collection

Burberry Fall – Winter 2019 Collection: Riccardo Tisci’s bold `Brexit`

Voices supporting the #MeToo movement

The #MeToo movement has appeared a lot in the collections at London Fashion Week 2018. This year, many brands continue to propagate the movement with a multifaceted view of modern women.

The model held an anthurium flower in her mouth until at the end of the show, the words appeared: `She will not be silent.`

(Photo: BFC)

Charlotte Eastles brings a message to renew the concept of women in culture.

Charlotte Eastles’ creativity has delighted many people.

As for designer Simone Rocha, she designed silk, sequined dresses with delicate seams inspired by artist Louise Bourgeois.

Models participating in the show come in all ages and looks, including actress Chloë Sevigny, model Lily Cole, artist Conie Vallese and 1980s model Jeny Howorth.

Despair over Brexit

In the context of Britain struggling to leave the European Union (EU), the Brexit movement has never been so exciting.

The Burberry brand predicts that huge taxes will seriously disrupt revenue if Brexit is not passed.

Burberry’s noose design expressing despair about the economic future of British fashion is causing strong controversy.

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