Her `frivolous` world of scent

Unlike men, women do not need to show off their muscles to show off their prestige to gain the upper hand.

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Similar to Beauty, scent is frivolous.

Today, we talk and meet female scents that are in harmony and have a strong attachment to beautiful women throughout the 20th century until the present time.

Guerlain Shalimar

In the history of its scent development, the French fragrant monument has many groundbreaking and memorable marks.

Shalimar’s vanilla theme, praising a monarch’s loyal love for his woman, was not only well received by women of that period.

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Chanel no.5

In Vietnam, Chanel is so famous and profound that there was a period, in the 80s and 90s of the last century, people called Chanel perfume French perfume.

In 1921, Coco Chanel wanted the first scent bearing her name to smell truly feminine, however, it was not allowed to be weakly floral.

Dior miSS Dior

Miss Dior was born in 1947, the first scent in Christian Dior’s fragrant career.

hermÈS un JarDin Sur Le nil

In the early 2000s, women discovered a completely new and different French fragrant treasure, which is Hermès and Un Jardin Sur Le Nil.

Vietnamese means Garden on the banks of the Nile, the scent of lotus flowers, leaves and mangoes, giving the smeller a state of serenity and relaxation, without any pressure or noise.

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muGler anGel

If Shalimar is recognized as the first scent of Oriental style and also the first gourmand scent creation of mankind, Mugler’s Angel is voted as the most outstanding contemporary gourmand perfume, reminding and inflaming

Angel was born in 1992, and was immediately a shock and a big hit for the Mugler model house, when at that time, women’s scents were often elegant or gentle, fresh and fragrant flowers.

By Kilian Good Girl Gone BaD – Sweet niche scent

The hobby of researching and collecting niche perfumes is officially on the rise thanks to By Kilian and its statement scent Good Girl Gone Bad.

Launched in 2012, Good Girl Gone Bad broke the stereotype of a simple-looking niche perfume world.

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ex nihilo iriS PorCelana

Currently, the world of fragrance is sublime and diverse in style.

The aromatic world has suddenly changed its status since the COViD-19 event.

Jo malone enGliSh Pear & FreeSia

Before Le Labo or Maison Francis Kurkdjian became popular and famous, Jo Malone was the first niche perfume brand to familiarize and stick with women.

With a `beautiful`, youthful, simple, and pure fragrance style, Jo Malone is easily accepted and loved by scent lovers right from the first sniff.

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