Prada Spring – Summer 2019 collection: When Twiggy became the IT Girl of the 21st century

The Prada Spring – Summer 2019 collection recreates the image of iconic supermodel Twiggy of the 60s along with modern fashion trends such as crabby shorts or transparent materials.

Prada’s Spring – Summer 2019 collection is a blend of the 60s and modern fashion.

Retro fashion inspiration still fascinates many designers, including Miuccia Prada.

Director and actor Spike Lee enjoys Prada’s `bubble` seats.

The Prada Spring – Summer 2019 collection balances two separate fashion perspectives.

Many fashion lovers will go `crazy` about the stiff pants in the Prada collection for Spring – Summer 2019 this year.

The impressive patterned costumes of the 60s are restrained to suit the younger generation.

The babydoll dress becomes dusty and unique with the nylon material.

The rebellious cut-out shirt in black tones will surely become a prominent design of street fashion.

“I want to break the rules of classicism,” shared Creative Director Miuccia.

Not wanting to lump all young people into the term “millennial,” Miuccia said: “The millennial generation seems to describe a market.

With the Spring – Summer 2019 collection, Miuccia Prada has successfully transformed classic fashion inspiration into trendy and easy to apply.

Personality cut-out bodysuit is transformed with a large plastic buckle.

Black-white transparent socks with Prada’s triangle logo are both youthful and classic.

Transparent materials are cleverly transformed by the fashion house with the design of skirts and blouses.

Prada’s Spring – Summer 2019 collection is both true to the brand’s DNA but also different from Miuccia’s design style.

“I’m trying to simplify creative designs because otherwise they won’t be used as much.

Designs in the Prada Spring – Summer 2019 collection at this year’s Milan Fashion Week:

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