I miss the pure musk

Memories are condensed into drops of incense, carefully packaged and stored in the most secret corner of each person’s mind.

1. Musk

Musk, Musc in French, Musk in English, is one of the oldest and most primitive aromatic ingredients of animal origin.

Men have their own style of conquering and women also have their own style of appropriation.

That’s why scent, in addition to its ability to remind and be more dangerous, can also be a naive weapon with countless sins, both literally and figuratively.

1. Musc Ambre Gris AFFINESSENCE – 2. Le Musc Et La Peau PIERRE GUILLAUME

2. Where does musk come from?

Musk deer, which once lived naturally along the Himalayan mountains.

I miss the pure musk

3. Memorable contemporary musks

There is a contemporary model who is famous for his musk, and even develops and becomes more known to the public thanks to perfume, that is Narciso Rodriguez.

In 2003, the Cuban-American designer released the first scent called Narciso Rodriguez For Her (eau de toilette version).

Besides the famous musk from Narciso Rodriguez, we also have The Body Shop White Musk which is easy to use and highly applicable.

I miss the pure musk

3. Musk Aoud ROJA PARFUMS – 4. Narciso Rodriguez For Her NARCISO – 5. Narcisco Pure Musk For Her NARCISO

A sparkling and complete upgrade from The Body Shop White Musk, there’s Le Musc Et La Peau by French scent artist Pierre Guillaume.

With Affinessence’s Musc Ambre Gris, we can return to a state of wilderness but not too wild.

I miss the pure musk

6. White Musk THE BODY SHOP

Deep, seductive, instinctive musk, but not harsh, but with a free-flowing scent is a beautiful creation from Roja Parfums called Musk Aoud.

Musk, ever since it was first known, has always been the muse of many scent artists and the secret weapon of women.

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