6 Instagram accounts that inspire healthy eating

In recent years, the social network Instagram has developed rapidly.

The 6 Instagram accounts below will bring you countless healthy recipes, as well as beautiful photos that will make you immediately want to `roll into the kitchen`.


Photo: Instagram / @veggiekins

The owner of @veggiekins is Remy Morimoto Park – a vegetarian girl living in New York (USA).

One of Remy’s forte ingredients is matcha.

In addition to content surrounding nutrition, Remy also promotes an active, non-toxic lifestyle.

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Photo: Instagram / @blogilates

Cassey Ho is a fitness and pilates instructor.

As a fitness and pilates instructor, Cassey also shares a variety of workouts on Instagram and YouTube.

In 2020, Cassey went on a 90-day journey to achieve the best condition both physically and mentally.


Photo: Instagram / @pickuplimes

Sadia Badiei opened the Instagram account @pickuplimes in 2014. Over time, she had her own crew and studio.

Sadia is also a vegetarian, currently living in the Netherlands.

In addition to food and nutrition, Sadia also shares a number of other content, such as growing plants, minimalism and most recently food photography.

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Photo: Instagram / @chez.jorge

This Instagram account belongs to George Lee – a professional vegan chef from Taiwan.

Because George is a `professional` chef, his food presentation, photos and cooking instructional videos are all extremely professional.


Photo: Instagram / @happinesscomesintastes

At @happinesscomesintastes, Kaitlyn shares lots of healthy recipes.

Unlike the above accounts, Kaitlyn does not aim for a specific diet, such as vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free… She has tried those diets but does not like to use them long-term.

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Photo: Instagram / @nutritiuosdelights

@nutritiuosdelights is the Instagram account of Hannah – a blogger specializing in writing about healthy diets from Florida.

Besides, one of the factors that help @nutritiousdelights’ dishes and recipes stand out are the extremely beautiful and meticulous photos.

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