21 cool tips to create the perfect look

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Tips for arranging clothes smartly and conveniently

1. Remove stains under sleeves

Using lemon juice or baking soda is one of the best and effective tips to help remove long-term stains under your shirt sleeves.

2. Keep the sweater flat

Wool is a difficult material to iron, as well as easy to damage if we are not careful about exposing it to too high temperatures, so how to wear and keep it durable for many winters?

3. Eliminate static electricity on clothes

Use the inside of tissue paper to wipe the surface of the shirt, static electricity on the clothes will be eliminated.

4. Straighten the creased hem of the shirt

Hair straighteners are not just for creating stylish hairstyles and keeping hair in place.

5. Clean foundation stains

Foundation stains on light-colored clothes will be removed by shaving cream.

6. Stretch your shoes

The newly ordered shoes don’t fit your foot size?

7. Remove wine stains

Pour a little white wine onto the surface of the wine-stained clothing, then sprink some baking soda on it.

8. Maintain high boot shape

To avoid losing the shape of your high boots, roll up an old magazine and place it in your boots.

9. Wearing new shoes doesn’t hurt your feet

Rub your heels with a little deodorant and your new shoes won’t hurt your feet anymore.

10. Soften leather jackets

To soften a leather jacket, wear it out when it’s drizzling.

Fashion world

Tips for preserving beautiful and durable leather shoes

11. Remove lipstick stains

This will surely be `taken to heart` by amorous guys, right?

12. Replace lost earring retainers

If you accidentally lose the retainer on the back of the earring, temporarily use the small piece of eraser on the pencil to keep the earring from falling off.

13. Avoid foot blisters

To avoid blisters when wearing new shoes, put on a pair of thick socks and then slip your feet into the shoes.

14. Fix broken glasses frames

Nail polish also has a wonderful and interesting ability: it can help strengthen the screws on eyeglass frames in urgent cases where broken eyeglass frames cannot be taken to the store to be repaired.

15. Clean suede shoes

Suede shoes will be clean with just a regular small eraser.

16. Remove frizz from sweaters

A regular razor will complete this task perfectly.

17. Fix clothing zippers

Normally, candle wax will be an effective aid in this case, but another great tip for you is to use a wooden pencil nib to rub along the broken zipper of your clothes, the zipper will work.

18. Whiten sneaker soles

Dissolve the detergent and baking soda mixture in a bowl.

19. How to wear boots with wide-leg pants

A pair of wide-leg pants can still be combined harmoniously with high boots when the hem of the pants is turned up and close to the ankle.

20. Keep jeans from fading

Add half a cup of vinegar to the washing machine with detergent, dark jeans will not fade.

21. Se-vin properly

Follow the steps in this drawing and you won’t need to worry about the mibij shirt `slipping out of orbit` because of its quite large size.

Hopefully the 21 great tips that ELLE listed in the article can help readers in creating a great appearance in their daily lives!

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