A dream of peace in the midst of life’s changes

It may be that the dream of peace is difficult to define.

I don’t know if you are like me.

I see peace in every corner I pass.

Peace is… when you feel alone and look in a certain direction, there is no one, but you know that there will be someone of your own, special, waiting for you there.

Peace is… sleeping for a long time, so that when you wake up you feel very light, then suddenly forget everything that just happened, forget not because it was unpleasant things, but forget because you need to erase it.

Peace is… when you do something good for someone you don’t know, to see that you are still useful in life.

Peace is… when you receive someone’s attention and care, you feel how big you are, even if it’s just leaving toothpaste on your toothbrush and cooking them a simple fried egg meal.

Peace is…  opening the window slightly, letting the wind blow it away, then closing the window because the dust is so bad, you’re choking.

Peace is… when the space is quiet, there are no car horns, only a man’s voice rings out in the cold winter night: `Here are dumplings!!`.

Peace is… when lying on the beach, watching the clear night sky, listening to the rushing waves, not dipping into that water, just breathing mixed with the smell of the sea, making life more salty.

Just breath mixed with the smell of the sea, to make life more salty.

For me, peace can come from giving without expecting anything in return, like when we participate in volunteer activities and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Have you noticed, when you are the saddest and most disappointed, that is when you feel the least peaceful, right?

I told you, peace only has one thing in common, which is difficult to understand.

In each situation, peace wears a shirt with different patterns, sometimes colorful, sometimes pensive.

Life is unpredictable, life is difficult, that cannot be changed.

Don’t look back with sad eyes.

One of the ways to keep yourself from panicking and worrying about running away in a hurry to find peace is to set aside a small corner every day to sit quietly;

You see, this life is like a glass of water, whether it’s full or empty is up to us to decide.

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