Ancient ceramics – A very difficult profession

1. Ming Dynasty jar – valuable artifact in the Vietnamese antique market 2. Tran Dynasty brown flower ceramic jar in Van Si’s Vietnamese ceramic collection

Good luck in the profession

A person from a collector to an antique dealer usually goes through a sequence of 4 stages: 1. Only buy – Don’t sell;

In the chaos of the market, real and fake are mixed, to enter the ancient ceramics profession with knowledge equal to the level of… illiterate, just hearing that is enough to imagine the tortuous future of Van Si.

The writer has met large and small businessmen in the ancient ceramics department. Everyone has shared many times that they had to swallow a bitter cup because they encountered a trick because the process was not up to date, or because they were too drunk on things and lost their standards.

In Le Cong Kieu Antiques Street, Van Si opened a shop at number 21, a gathering place for collectors of ancient ceramics, and also a place where friends, journalists, photographers, and researchers come to buy tea.

Space of passion

People have a passion, start collecting and then become a business – buying and selling, Van Si followed the reverse process, went into the business of buying and selling, now taking on the role of collector and researcher.

Ancient ceramics - A very difficult profession

3. Artifacts on display at City Star are the collaboration of collectors nationwide 4. Spectacular antique display and exchange corner at City Star space 5. Nguyen Van Si in the breathtaking antique display space at City Star

Van Si’s exhibition space for ceramics and antiques originates from passion, from friendships, and that is the advantage of being able to call on collectors to bring unique artifacts at the same time.

Van Si’s spectacular antique exhibition space was renovated from the basement of a hotel, with a name very unrelated to ancient ceramics, City Star – named after the hotel and address on Bui Thi Street.

Ancient ceramics - A very difficult profession

6. Porcelain artifacts of the Kangxi period 7. Brown glazed ceramic teapots of the Tran dynasty

This is also the first time in Vietnam that a museum display model can gather a large number of antiques from many sources, creating an interesting playground and a meeting point for antique collectors.

Busy perfecting the space for `playing around` with ancient ceramics at City Star, Van Si honestly said: `I want to build a movement for fellow collectors to gather and play, there is little time left.`

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