Paradise of art space

Owner Karen Boros is a famous art collector and close friend of many famous contemporary European artists.

Paradise of art space

Paradise of art space

Located in a small alley on Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, the bunker building was built by Karl Bonatz in 1942 under the instructions of Albert Speer, the infamous chief architect of Hitler’s time.

In 2003, the Boros couple discovered the large 5-story concrete structure of nearly 3,000 square meters, considered a cultural heritage art space, and decided to move their personal collection here.

On top of the fortification, the couple built their own house, a concrete and glass house on an area of 450 square meters with a swimming pool terrace and flower garden.


Paradise of art space

A giant stone block randomly located on the doorstep and random paintings on the wall enhance the spirit of art.

Karen Boros, the building’s female owner and VIP director of Art Basel, spoke with ELLE Decoration Vietnam about this extremely special architectural work.

Hello Karen, how did you find this fortification?

Of course, we weren’t specifically looking for a fortification, but it found us.

The building is located right in the city center, but looks separate.

Even after many years of living, the feeling is still very special.


Paradise of art space

The 4 elements: Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth are smoothly combined in this special space.

The cubic structure, with its glass doors, concrete and rooftop reflecting pool, is very reminiscent of the architecture of Mies van der Rohe.

It was a coincidence.

How did you bring warmth to the house?

When cherishing a house like we did, we don’t know how it will feel later, so most things are formed during the construction process.

We also like the wood material.


Paradise of art space

With a love for Asian culture, Karen collects countless valuable objects from Japan, China, Vietnam…

Paradise of art space

The owner admitted that she loves wood because her family used to live in a simple one-story wooden house built in the 1960s.

“My husband chooses to bring home neat and orderly objects like desks.”

“He is a good explorer and often discovers interesting items in second-hand stores.

When cherishing a house like we did, we almost never know how it will feel later, so most things are formed during the construction process.

Works of art are displayed sparingly.

Each work has a space, giving us the opportunity to be silent and admire them more closely, longer and realize the beauty they bring to life.

Right now everyone is talking about the post-Internet generation.

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