You and Trinh: Efforts to draw closer to Trinh Cong Son’s heritage

Announced to have a huge budget, what makes Em and Trinh receive so much attention?

Efforts to bring Trinh Cong Son’s legacy to young people

The moment Miu Le sang Diem of the past and What age is left for you in the movie You are my grandmother may have been a sign that young people now really want to return to memories and nostalgia from previous generations.

Considered one of the monuments of Vietnamese music, Trinh’s music focuses mainly on two themes: fate and love.

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In this film, Phan Gia Nhat Linh continues to use his strengths in building a simple plot but strongly focusing on the emotional element.

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Notable points

Not being completely faithful to historical facts, Em and Trinh used Trinh Cong Son’s story but it was fictionalized to get closer to the mass audience.

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Next, there were moments when Em and Trinh made the audience extremely excited.

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Other side creations such as the body dancing segment above the slope of Da Lat, sunflower fields and cemeteries… also caused excitement for viewers.

In terms of acting, Dao Anh (played by Hoang Ha) and Khanh Ly (played by Bui Lan Huong) are the two characters who made the most impression throughout the film.

Photo: VNExpress

Photo: VNExpress

Bui Lan Huong has an extremely surprising naturalness, when she acts like she’s not acting and it can be seen that she has great potential for a future career in cinema.

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Despite their efforts to bring Trinh’s legacy closer to young people, Em and Trinh still suffer from some weaknesses.

Documentary clips about the war are added without leading, easily making the audience feel uncomfortable while enjoying the cinematic language.

Even though we know that You and Trinh is a fictionalized film, the fact that Trinh Cong Son’s life has never been told comprehensively before easily makes young audiences `mistakenly` think he is just a love writer.

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When we don’t understand his life clearly, the `changes` and `modifications` compared to real life cause even more doubt.

Other details such as the song Look at the Fall is not written for Khanh Ly, Glass Sun is not for Dao Anh, Giving life a little grace is not for Hong Nhung… sometimes become forced.

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Besides Bui Lan Huong, Hoang Ha and Avin Lu who have interesting performances, most of the remaining actors have not created real attraction.

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From the above, it can be seen that Em and Trinh are a necessary effort to help young people understand more about a talented musician.

Anyway, I still want to thank the crew and director Phan Gia Nhat Linh for their painstaking efforts in recreating a part of the talented musician’s life, an unforgettable musical period in Vietnamese people’s memories.

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