183 Club’s `memorable` movies of the past

Cultural world

The most popular Korean dramas that `movie nerds` must know

Taiwanese idol group 183 Club recently unexpectedly reunited together on the stage of the show We are in love 3 (Chinese version of We Got Married) to cheer for actress Wang Ou – “a

Remember, in 2005 – 2006, the movie The Frog Prince had just debuted on television and immediately created a fever.

In addition to the soundtrack album (made by 183 Club itself) which was the hottest search keyword at that time, the movies with the participation of the whole group were also well received by everyone, especially `fan girls`.

Frog Prince

Is a Taiwanese television series broadcast in 2005 starring actor Ming Dao, Wang Zhaowei from idol group 183 Club and Chen Qiao En, Zhao Hongqiao from group 7.

Fashion world

Fashion in the Korean drama: The Gentleman Returns


The TV series Miracle is considered a continuation of the successful series from The Frog Prince.

You got 3+1

Airing on television in 2009, Anh Da 3+1 tells the story of the growing up process of high school students who are rebellious but also extremely lovely and pure.

After that, almost only Minh Dao continued to gain attention with a number of dramas such as Apple Garden, Angel Lover, Quietly Loving You, Fairy Tale Love Story… but they were also quickly `overshadowed`.

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