Love you boss

There is a saying `teacher’s son, friend’s wife, office girl` to deter those who intend to open a twisted relationship, always attracting the attention and slander of public opinion.

Learn how to face risks, stay ahead of the curve

No matter how discreet and careful you are, hiding a love affair at work is always difficult.

The boss cleverly turned his cool and quiet office into an ideal date place.

Until one beautiful early morning, the cleaning lady aggressively rushed into the room with a broom and towel and found her boss and Duyen in a `compromising` position.

Risk is an attractive factor that creates office romance.

Know how to destroy public opinion

Being smart and good at work is a strength when you love your boss.

The wife is an `expert` in managing her husband, so from the moment she became slightly suspicious, she tried to get the password to her husband’s mailbox and printed out clear evidence.

If you are afraid of the judgment and evaluation of your colleagues and superiors, it means you have accepted defeat.

Turn popularity into strength

If at the international level, Paris Hilton knows how to trade her fame for dollars, then you should also take advantage of your local status in front of hundreds of mobile cameras.

My boss is tall and handsome, but also a gallant `potato`, so his appearance always makes the girls with long legs and short legs tremble, raise their eyes, smile charmingly.

Not to mention everyone diligently practices English and French to have more opportunities to chat with the boss.

Intense scenes of care and kissing take place like in a `cinema` in the hallway, the office gate and even in the meeting room.

It can be said that love at work makes people stronger thanks to the ability to cope with public opinion.

The writer of this article does not intend to encourage office love affairs, especially competitive love affairs that disrupt family happiness, nor does it intend to provide psychological counseling.

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