9 makeup trends you can’t miss in 2023

Another year is coming to an end, which means you’ll need to get ready to catch the makeup trends that will `explode` in 2023. Makeup trends inspired by the 70s to 90s are worth seeing.

1. The trend of brushing cheeks is gradually returning

Unlike lips or eyes, blush is often less prominent directly.

Fashion house Etro brought blush that melts to the temples on its runway.

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2. Wet-look makeup

The wet-look trend is asserting its position through the red carpet and a series of fashion catwalks.

Photo: ImaxTree.

3. Stand out with the rhinestone trend

The power of the Euphoria makeup trend has not cooled down yet.

Photo: ImaxTree.

4. makeup with neon tones

These seemingly `difficult` neon colors are the easiest to make an impression on.

Photo: ImaxTree.

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5. Fresh with pastel tones

When considering gentle, spring-inspired tones, pastel is the perfect choice for you.

Photo: ImaxTree.

6. makeup with Disco Eyebrows

The recent Peter Do runway at New York Fashion Week 2023 made a strong impression with sparkling eyebrows that cannot be missed during the party season.

Photo: ImaxTree.

7. Brownie lips

Brownie lips with brown accent lips have become a typical symbol of the Latin American beauty community. This trend is marking its return with a series of names, but most recently Hailey Bieber.

Photo: Instagram: @haileybieber.

The Sweet Disposition color of the Powermatte Lipstick line is the ideal choice.

8. Invisible eyeliner

Are you worried every time you use dark eyeliner?

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9. Makeup for Plump Lips

A plump lips will bring a feeling of health to your face.

Photo: ImaxTree.

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