Which blush is for you in 2017?

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Makeup trends in 2017 tend to be natural and simple with eyebrows that are no longer bushy or even a bit messy, lip gloss instead of matte lipstick, natural brown eye color and transparent makeup base combined with cheeks.

With the motto that nature comes first, ELLE introduces to readers the types of blush that are suitable and popular in 2017:

Liquid blush

Which blush is for you in 2017?

If you love naturalness and lightness, you should not miss the hot blush this year, with a transparent, thin cream that blends into the skin to create a rosy effect on the cheekbones, suitable for working women.

Which blush is for you in 2017?

ELF liquid blush

Which blush is for you in 2017?

Innisfree liquid blush

Which blush is for you in 2017?

Missha liquid blush

Powder blush

Which blush is for you in 2017?

If your skin is combination or normal, you should choose powder blush, because powder will stay on your skin longer, be easier to spread, and above all, there are more colors to choose from than other forms.

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Chanel blush

MAC blush

Milani blush

Nars blush

Sulwhasoo blush

Tarte blush

Cream blush

Cream blush products are easy to absorb and look natural, suitable for those with skin that tends to be dry or flaky when applying makeup, especially dry cheeks.

Aritaum blush cream

Bobbi Brown blush cream

Innisfree blush cream

Iope blush cream

Nyx blush cream

Revlon blush cream

Skinfood blush cream

In addition, cream blush also has a cushion shape, making it easier to apply powder and easier to carry with you to apply powder every day:

ELLE tells you:

How to apply blush that is popular this year: apply blush on both temples

Use a powder brush to apply blush diagonally from the ear to the highest point of the cheekbones, then add a little more to the temples.

How to choose blush:

With different skin tones there are different blush colors.

Makeup that enhances natural beauty and exudes gentle beauty is a trend in 2017 and beyond.

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