Suboi – From underground rapper to fashion icon

Burn with passion

Han Lam Trang Anh is the real name of Suboi, a young girl who has been passionate about Hip hop/Rap music since she was 15 years old.

At the age of 17, she joined the group 3N and then became a rapper and songwriter for the group Nu-Metal.

At the age of 20, she released the album Walk.

Surprise named Suboi

Not stopping at the role of Rapper, singer and songwriter, Suboi challenged himself through the 7th art form through two movies: Soul Stealer and Super Thief.

Besides, his passion for Hip Hop/Rap has helped Suboi gradually assert his name in the domestic and world music market.

During US President Obama’s recent visit to Vietnam, Suboi promptly made an impression with a short bilingual rap on the president’s beat box background.

Suboi – From underground rapper to fashion icon

Most recently, Suboi surprised fans when a Vietnamese rapper was chosen as one of 7 models to promote the H&M x Kenzo collection, standing alongside many famous artists.


Suboi – From underground rapper to fashion icon

Suboi with the `models` in the new Kenzo x H&M BST advertising campaign

Suboi’s fashion style


Suboi – From underground rapper to fashion icon

Credit: Milk media

It can be said that throughout the development process, besides a multi-talented Suboi, fans also saw a diverse Suboi in fashion style.

It is because of Suboi’s open thinking and diversity in building her unique image that has brought her closer and closer to the audience and achieved much success in her career path.

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