CEO Doan Thi Bich Ngoc: Move to bring the world closer

I met Ms. Doan Thi Bich Ngoc – CEO of Canifa fashion brand when she just returned from a trip through 5 European countries for nearly a month.

We talked about her trips, some long, some short, rhythmic and dense like a loom.

How did you get into fashion?

After dreaming of becoming a lawyer, journalist, editor or tour guide because of my wandering soul, love of writing and exploring the world, I came to fashion just because of one sentence from him.

So what is your luggage when starting a fashion business?

I inherited my family’s solid foundation when the whole family does business and half of the family lives in Europe (Czech Republic), my parents have their own business but save all their capital for their children.

Canifa has been attacking the domestic market since 2001, but in recent years it has really `exploded` in the Northern market and is moving South with its first 2 stores, why?

A lot of people ask that, I often laugh and joke: `The company has a new CEO.`

Why has Canifa recently accompanied so many fashion TV shows?

By accompanying us, we want to bring the program as well as the contestants challenges from a fashion business, where they can have the clearest picture of their career.

What is your favorite fashion style?

My style can be compared to a `chameleon`, always transforming to suit each situation, standing out when necessary but comfortable in everyday life.

I see you rarely wear makeup?

I still wear makeup every day, people just don’t

just realized that.

Everything must be convenient.

foundation, eyebrow pencil, Dior addict lipstick in pale pink, I see you rarely wear makeup?

How many trips do you have a year?

I can’t remember it all.

To have an economical and effective trip, what do you think you need to prepare?

Be proactive with all the information before you leave, prepare maps, especially maps related to transportation, plan your spending, determine your goals of where to go and what to do… More importantly

What’s your favorite spot that you’ve been to recently?

Those are two small cities Goulburn and Yass in southern Australia (New South Wales) on a trip organized by AWI (Australian Wool Innovation Limited).

What is your philosophy of life?

“Make it happen” – be proactive in creating your own life, that’s what a younger brother told me and I find it so true.

Thank you for taking the time for this conversation!

Accompanying Ms. Doan Ngoc on every trip: – Crocs flat shoes: Easy to move.

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