[ELLE Voice] Phi Linh – Putting energy into the family

Hi Phi Linh, how is your work recently?

I am still performing the role of host for The Heroes – Idols for Idols, in addition to some weekly programs of VTV such as Morning Cafe VTV3, Now & Here VTV2.

How is Linh’s day before when she was unmarried compared to now with young children?

Regarding the level of busyness, it’s the same, I’m still a person who enjoys work and enjoying life’s moments.

During the pandemic, is your work busier or do you have more time to take care of your family while working from home?

On one hand, I still take on VTV’s work, on the other hand, all outside work has moved online so I’m quite busy.

I also sowed my own seeds and planted herbs in the spring, and now the plants have grown up in a small, green corner.

[ELLE Voice] Phi Linh – Putting energy into the family

ELLE Voice

[ELLE Voice] How will we change after the pandemic?

Doing television is an extremely busy job, especially with Linh’s frequent appearances on VTV programs like today, you probably have to weigh a lot between dedicating time to your work.

I still put my child to sleep, bathe him, and feed him when possible. For the rest, I have a maid at home, and both families help more or less.

[ELLE Voice] Phi Linh – Putting energy into the family

Women who are both successful in their careers and keep the family warm are not lacking in modern society.

Actually, I think my life is very balanced.

What do you think about the women around you, especially during the pandemic, how they have inspired you to stay in good spirits, and have more tips on how to do your job well at the office?

In a country where motherhood has existed for thousands of years, a country where the integration process is rapid and people have the ability to adapt to many different conditions and circumstances like Vietnam, women

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