Award: Talented & Stylish Businesswoman Hnew 2013

In order to honor and select talented, brave and stylish businesswomen, for the first time, the Hanoi Women’s Business Association combined with the Hanoi Women’s Union and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry to organize

This is also an activity aimed at commemorating some major holidays in October such as Capital Liberation Day October 10, Businessman’s Day October 13, Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20 and regular membership activities.

This special event aims to honor typical businesswomen of HNEW, selecting talented & stylish businesswomen who have made many contributions to the activities of the Association and the social community;

Taking the image of the Lotus as the most noble symbol of the contest, with an implication of the elegant, pure and brave beauty of women in general and businesswomen in particular.

The contest will include 2 main activities: the online voting round will take place from September 22, 2013 – September 28, 2013.

Detailed information is available at the website:

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