[ELLE Voice] The `return` journey of young Vietnamese people

“The best way to retain talent in any country is for talent to be recognized and rewarded appropriately.

That was the answer of former US President Barack Obama during a conversation in Ho Chi Minh City 2 years ago when asked by a young Vietnamese friend: `How to prevent Vietnam from brain drain?`.

Now, people still joke bitterly and sarcastically that this is a program to `recruit talent for Australia`!

It’s not because I don’t want to go back

For many years, `brain drain` has remained a controversial issue with two conflicting opinions.

But this will become a problem if many talented people, including officials sent for training abroad or international students, choose to stay in that country after graduating.

[ELLE Voice] The `return` journey of young Vietnamese people

However, in the past few years, it seems that the situation is becoming more positive as the number of international students as well as young Vietnamese returning to the country to start a business is gradually increasing.

[ELLE Voice] The `return` journey of young Vietnamese people

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Currently, large companies and corporations in Vietnam are tending to recruit young Vietnamese who have lived and studied abroad for senior positions instead of recruiting foreigners as before.

[ELLE Voice] The `return` journey of young Vietnamese people

However, not every international student or person who has lived abroad will immediately get a high position and a sky-high salary.

In this topic, ELLE Voices had the opportunity to talk with two young Vietnamese women who studied abroad but both chose to return to their country to start their careers.

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