Fashion brand Gucci accused Forever 21 of plagiarism

Gucci sent the first petition in early December 2016 to request fast fashion brand Forever 21  (F21) to stop selling all products with Gucci’s signature `blue-red stripe` pattern that F21 is using.

Forever 21’s designs contain the same `blue-red` and `green-red` stripes as Gucci’s.

In response, Forever 21 also defended itself against Gucci’s accusations, saying: `Forever 21 has not violated any detail of Gucci.

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The Forever 21 brand has escaped charges of `plagiarism` more than 50 times.

The interesting thing here is that the Gucci fashion brand was also accused of three copyright plagiarism cases a few weeks ago.

Legendary designer Dapper Dan’s LV-patterned fur coat and puff sleeves in 1989 for female Olympic gold medalist, Diane Dixon.

Gucci’s `inspired` design in the 2017 Cruise Collection.

The second person to accuse Gucci is artist Start Smythe, who said that Gucci took his 2014 design.

Smart Smythe posted comparison images on his personal instagram.

Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, in a controversial snake shirt at the Resort 2018 collection

The third person to accuse Gucci is Milan Chagoury, who is currently designing for an Australian fashion brand called Stay Boy.

The Stay Boy brand posted a status line comparing the designs of Milan Chagoury and the fashion brand Gucci.

Forever 21 is not a stranger to lawsuits over plagiarism.

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