Ha Anh Tuan became the owner of the Achievement of the Year award at ELLE Style Awards 2018

ELLE Style Awards is a prestigious and prestigious annual awards ceremony of ELLE magazine, the world’s largest fashion magazine brand.

Ha Anh Tuan appeared elegant in a suit and stylized shirt.

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Possessing a warm, thoughtful voice, Ha Anh Tuan quickly touches listeners’ hearts with a very unique musical style.

Ha Anh Tuan appeared radiantly with his `MV lover` Thanh Hang.

(Photo: DAINGO Studio)

When mentioning Ha Anh Tuan, the audience will immediately remember the singer with a luxurious, classic fashion style with his signature pair of glasses.

Talking about the Achievement of the Year award, singer Ha Anh Tuan shared that he especially loves fashion and fashion-related awards.

(Photo: DAINGO Studio)

(Photo: DAINGO Studio)

(Photo: DAINGO Studio)

(Photo: DAINGO Studio)

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